Class Schedule
A recent Kaleidoscope making class
Class sign-up terms
  1. A deposit of 50% of class fee is due upon registering.
  2. If a class is cancelled due to low enrollment, those registered for the class will receive a full refund for the class fee.
  3. If you cancel your registration 30 days or more prior to the class you will receive a full refund.
  4. Cancellations made fewer than 30 days prior to class will be refunded only if we are able to fill your place.
  5. When calling to reserve a class, please have your credit card ready. 

For a complete listing of all classes offered click the "Class Descriptions" button above. If you have interest in attending one of the many classes offered, please contact Paula to start a reserved list. A class will be held if there are enough participants interested.


Small Copper Foil Panel Lamp Class - copper foil experience needed
Tuesday, January 16, 23 and 30 6-9pm

  • Students will learn the steps while building a panel lamp shade.
  • Supplies needed include: glass, lamp base, lamp hardware (this will be discussed in the class and all parts will be ordered).
  • One additional item that is helpful is the Morton system layout blocks and push pins~ available at the shop. 
  • Students should bring all tools,  and supplies for copper foil.
  • Soldering irons, solder and soldering chemicals are needed the last two nights of class.


Mosiac Glass on Glass Class - no experience necessary
Tuesday, February 6 5:30-8:30pm, Tuesday, February 13 5:30-8:30pm
Tuesday, February 20 5:30-7:00pm (grouting)

  • All supplies included, except nipper which is $24. Students may rent shop nipper for $5 a class.
  • Have something you would like to add to your project, bring it along.


Beginning Copper Foil Class - no experience necessary
Monday, March 5  5:30-8:30pm, Monday, March 12 5:30-8:30pm
and Monday March 19 5:30-8:30pm
This class is being rescheduled. Sign up now! Watch the website for new schedule.

  • Learn all about copper foil in this class. When to use it verses lead.
  • Patterns will be available for free hanging pieces, engraved bevels are available for purchase and embellishment, also round simple designs.
  • Glass cutting, grinding, simple pattern making, soldering and finishing your window is included.
  • We will discuss and students may purchase their choice of tools needed each night of class..
  • Average cost of tools for Copper Foil Class range between $125 - $200.
  • Instruction $95

Stepping Stone OR Gazing Ball Class - no experience necessary
Stepping Stone: Saturday, March 24  9-11am, Saturday, March 31  9-10:30am (Grouting)
Gazing Ball: Saturday, March 24  9am-12pm, Saturday, March 31  9-11:00am (Grouting) $69

  • For the gazing ball, bring your own bowling ball or purchase one from the shop $5 .
  • Mosaic nippers needed and available for sale at the shop for $26.50 or rent the shop's nipper for $5 per class.
  • During the 2nd session wear old clothes, bring heavy duty dish washing gloves and several
    pairs of old white socks.

Let There Be Light Class - 101 in fusing
Thursday, March 29  6:00-7:30pm

  • All supplies included.
  • Students will build their lights using Spectrum Spirit glass strips, stringers and frit.
  • Bases and bulbs included.
  • Colors available, brown and white, blue and black and any combination of those colors.
  • Only open to 5 students.


Beginning Lead Panel Class - no experience necessary
Thursday, April 5 5:30-8:30pm, Thursday, April 12 5:30-8:30pm
Thursday, April 19 5:30-8:30pm, Thursday, April 26 5:30-8:30pm

  • This introductory class will cover the basics of glass cutting, pattern making, and window construction, soldering and finishing your 15 piece, 12"x18" panel using your own design. Tools which are not included in tuition will cost between $165.00 and $195.00. This class is great for learning the fundamentals of stained glass. Tool list will be handed out in class.


Flurry of Leaves Class - copper foil experience helpful
Saturday, May 5 1-5pm

  • Students will make a unique and whimsical free hanging art piece that can hang in a window, the ceiling, over a mirror, even from a tree!
  • Basic glass cutting, copper foil and soldering experience needed.
  • All class supplies included.
  • Students must bring their soldering irons, solder and chemicals to both classes.

Small Fused Flower Garden Window Class - no experience necessary
Monday, May 14 5:30-8:00pm to build garden. Projects will be fused, ready to go by the next class meeting. Monday, May 21 5:30-7:00pm to finish project.

  • Students will enjoy their morning nipping and designing a small fused garden window, average size window frame 12"x 9".
  • Students will choose from an assortment of clear textured glass to replace their clear glass if they wish.
  • Please bring mosaic nippers if you have them.
  • Students may purchase nippers or use the shop nipper for $5 the 1st class.
  • All supplies and fusing are included in class price.


Garden Kaleidoscope Class - copper foil experience necessary
Monday, June 4 5:30-9:00pm

  • This kaleidoscopic is great to use in your summer garden.
  • Walk around your garden and enjoy the beautiful colors through your clear textured wheel
  • Students will cut five pieces of glass and and build their project in one night.
  • Axel kits and Kaleidescope mirrors and textured wheel glass included in class fee.
  • Mirrors will be cut and ready to go.
  • Bring all soldering items and chemicals.
  • $5.50 sheets available for purchase the night of class.


Fused Jewelry Class - no experience necessary
Wednesday, August 1  6:00-8:00pm

  • Students will make a pendant and earings.
  • Includes instruction, materials, metals and fusing.


Copper to Glass Class - no experience necessary
Wednesday, September 5  5:30pm-8:30pm Wednesday, September 12 5:30pm-9:00pm

  • Students will learn the technique of copper to glass, 6 patterns to choose from.
  • Supplies needed include: exacto knife and extra blades, burnisher, roller type Bic pen, kokomo glass tail, sheet of black backed copper foil, paste flux, solder (50/50 or 60/40) soldering iron, neutralizer, copper and black patina, tinned or copper wire, PATIENCE and a bath towel.
  • All supplies are available for purchase at the shop.
  • Framing options will be discussed on the last night of class.
  • A little bit abbreviated, but everything will be covered.

***New*** Intermediate Lead Panel Class - glass cutting experience necessary
Monday, September 10 5:30-8:30pm, Monday, September 17 5:30-8:30pm
Monday, September 24 5:30-8:30pm, Monday, October 1 5:30-8:30pm

  • Intermediate lead panel is a class for people that have good cutting skills.
  • We will spend a short time reviewing basic glass cutting, skills and tips.
  • The rest of the class will be spent drawing our patterns, leading our windows and finishing by the last night. Leading and copper foil together is an option.
  • Rebar will be covered.
  • Some home work may be included.